Hi world,

do you know Denmark?

Denmark is a place somewhere in Europe. It is a small penis-insula and was created by god when he had a big shit. A while after that the bacteria in his shit grew to worms and other disgusting forms of shitlife. They are called “Danish” and have developped to a certain form of life which is similar to humans in his outer shape. Mostly Danish are fat and have bad teeth because they eat shit in huge amounts. Since there isn’t much sun in Denmark the Danish are blond. Of course in their minds, too.

Some centuries ago they called themselves “Vikings” and invaded the rest of Europe and conquered it very fast since all Europeans ran away because of the bad smell which Danish emit – no wonder since they consist of shit. In the early 70s of the last century they joined the European Community by blackmailing the Europeans: if they were rejected they would inject a whole more shit into the Northsea which would kill all fish. So the EC let them join and stinks since that time.

Danish people eat fishsticks all day. These fishsticks are made in big Japanese ships. The Japanese use unemptied whale-guts to produce these fishsticks that are only sold to Denmark because only Danish eat that shit. The fishsticks are eaten uncooked by the Danes because they like the smell.

This international blog was brought to life to collect some more information about Denmark and the Danes. Please, feel free to put some more information about this subject so that the world can see what Denmark is all about.

The Anti-Denmark Alliance