Fatty Anders Gravers starts political career in Denmark

Mr. Anders Gravers (also called by his nickname “Fatty”) started a political career in Denmark though he is suspected being a known pedophile and consumer of childporn in “the scene” of Copenhagen.

got really fat: Anders Gravers

After having founded his political hate-platform “SIAD” he now has declared his Holy War against Muslims and all people who are not blond in Europe. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

Well, we’ll see how many aliens he will have let killed when he finally becomes Danish Prime Minister.



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10 responses to “Fatty Anders Gravers starts political career in Denmark

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    It’s totally alright with me if you want to hate a nation for some lame reason.

    But if you were just 1% man and not 100% pussy, you would at least fuck my British horny mother. I mean you spend an awful lot of time ridiculing Anders Gravers. Well Anders Gravers stands by what he says: He confesses his pedophilia. He doesn’t hide behind an armored wall of internet anonymity.
    AT LEAST tell us your first name, your age and your country so we might have an idea about who’s talking.

    As long as you stay anonymous, I am pretty convinced that you are a muslim teenager living in Denmark ad fucking Danish sluts, and that you are having a very big cock. So in one way I feel really sorry for you, in another way I want to tell you to go fuck my mother and sister you scared anonymous internet faggot.


  4. A dane

    I dont eat fishsticks

  5. God, this is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen! Well since “The 10 reasons why god hates Denmark”. Whoever started this hetz on Denmark themselves is the greatest morons on the face of the earth. We Danes are not such barbarians like the rest of you! We have scientific proof that fucking children is good for them. The earlier they learn what sex is the better.

    Do your research you brainwashed idiots.

  6. Carsten

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