Where is Anders Gravers?

Is it really true that the proud Dane Anders Gravers is in jail because of childporn consumption?

Anders Gravers, when he was still on the run.

Several readers claim they saw him caught by Interpol. The Danish police was not willing to catch him because childporn was not a serious crime in Denmark.



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6 responses to “Where is Anders Gravers?

  1. “Several readers claim they saw him caught by Interpol.”
    Nice scandal rag approach. Here in Texas it’s legal to fuck kids.

  2. Pedophile Alex

    Hey 🙂 Fuck you guys. ignorant fucks! 🙂
    i am a proud Dane and love to fuck little girls and small boys. whatever fucking country you guys are from, go fuck your ugly moustache saddam houssien looking mommy motherfuckers. (: y’all probably swedish or norwegian. haha, stupid fucks!

  3. Michael Tim

    I love your site! 🙂

    Experiencing a slow PC recently? Fuck you.

  4. costin

    this site is fucking sick. i bet it was made by that pedophile Anders Gravers, and i also bet that all the comments are made by the same fucking Danish Nazis

  5. Stonecold

    Anders Gravers likes to fuck animals, this is a well known fact. Spewing his jizz in a pigs arse is what gives danish bacon its unique flavour.

  6. Ben

    this site is ridicules im danish i know who anders gravers is
    but he is a honourable Dane who loves children like the rest of us Danes. we bring sex to our children so that they learn veryearly. if hes acused for being a pdophile and next hes acused to be a nazi this is retarded. fucking children is no crime in Denmark!

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