Rotten Anders Gravers?

Sorry, guys – was in Australia for some months. Beautiful country and without stinking Danes, that’s why I didn’t care about this site for a while.

Anyway, what happened in the meantime?

Anders Gravers, the poor Nazi from Denmark is obviously retirering from ze internett? His last post is from April and he is whining about ze Danish muslim controlled Government because they take no action against his unknown enemies. He states gravely: Somsing is rrrotten in ze state of Danemarck!

Yes, Anders – you are soooo right. Something is rotten in Denmark – and this is YOU. 🙂


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One response to “Rotten Anders Gravers?

  1. Brian


    Faldte over denne hjemmeside ved en fejl, men blev meget forarvet ved den måde du omtaler Danskerne på. Det er helt okay at du ikke kan lide den man ved navn Anders Gravers, men det danske folk er ikke ligesom ham. Synes du skal prøve at tænke dig om inden du sviner det danske folk til

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