What happened to that old mo’f*ckin’ Nazi?

Strange things happen in this world. Nazis come and go.

Btw, anyone who knows why Öberstürmführer Anders Gravers doesn’t fart his shit in English anymore?

Thanks to me Anders Gravers re-organized his crap and put it in English again. Poor bastard. He probably was fucked up for some weeks because he was not getting enough childporn from his comrades.



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2 responses to “What happened to that old mo’f*ckin’ Nazi?

  1. Ansgar

    I can tell you what happened to that Nazi:
    He was hit first by some Danish anarchists and then by the Belgian police while he was on an xenophobic demonstration in Brussels. Obviously hitting his “brains” had no positive effect – he is still a perverted Nazi and child abuser.

  2. The Viking

    Ok, so as far as I know this is a fucking foreign webside. Austria, wasn’t there a guy some years ago who was a nazi? – I think there was! Adolf was his name, and he had a lot of nazi friends in Denmark, I don’t remember the details, but in 1945 the continent you’re so happy about was pretty much destroyed. And a couple of million people was killed – sorry to stir this up, but your oder covers ours!

    …by the way guys – learn to spell, seriously, this is pathetic!
    We Danes ruled the world for centurys, you nigger! When we come back we will put you in caves again and show the world how superior we Danes are!


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