“SS-Obersturmführer” Anders Gravers

After being promoted to “Gauleiter” on 9/11/2001 our friend Anders Gravers was now again promoted: On July 20th (the birthday of Adolf Hitler) Anders was declared “SS-Obersturmführer” by his comrades from Germany who wanted to show their admiration for his fight against non-blondes.

However, there are some theories about sick characters like religious fundamentalists, child-abusers, killers and other nazis which can be summarized to: those sick bastards are actually of the same sick character, no matter where they are from or what race.

After having seen the wife and his sister we fully understand those views:

graversfamily.jpgThe women in the family of Anders Gravers, mostly bought in south-east asia and fucked up now in Denmark.


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One response to ““SS-Obersturmführer” Anders Gravers

  1. Ansgar

    Are you sure, Anders Gravers is just Obersturmführer? He crawled into so much asses that he should be somewhat more than that. Maybe “Gauleiter”?

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