Danish women’s wear

The new look comes from Copenhagen – not from Paris.

dkwomen.jpgDanish women in their new clothes. Designed by Anders Gravers and the protestant church.

Pope Anders Gravers I. ordered in 2001 the Danish women to wear this uniform to prevent the bad foreigners from touching the white pride women in Denmark. Anders hates Africans, Jews and Moslems. But the communist government in Denmark still forbids him to shoot them which he cannot understand.



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10 responses to “Danish women’s wear

  1. Ansgar

    No! Thats islamic sluts, no danes!

  2. Actually those are the sluts of Anders Gravers. He’s trying to fuck them each time when he could not fuck the kids of his neighbour.

  3. Charlyzze

    You say muslim sluts… I do not think they have been fucked by 50 men in they life as danish sluts… The next time you will kiss a danish girl you met in a bar just think about the number of dicks she had in her mouth. And the day your first child will come… do a DNA test just to know if you are the father…
    More respect for other culture please…
    This is a catholic european woman who is talking to you…
    Good like for love and life.
    Jesus loves you and kills only muslims.

  4. Theres a dogshit in my garden

    About danish smells like shit, howcome the Americans eat danish (paistry) , bad taste or what?

  5. Theres a dogshit in my garden

    Since danes smell like shit, howcome Americans eat a lot of danish (paistry), bad taste or what?

  6. Jissim

    Haha.. your really jealous.. ha? poor ass countries

  7. shobo

    god, its so enjoyable to see some good intellectual conversation on the web. It just makes me so happy to see that you guys don’t have things like jobs to get in the way of your scientific inquiries.

  8. danishhh

    Danish women are cheap sleeping with men after one or two dates telling them I love and let them coming in the night…. then the men say huuummmm good but bye bye or continue to have what you know in your month!!! How can a woman repsect herself doing that???

  9. Røde

    a proud dane would never force their wife to have clothes on like that, we are a free country. and you little prick can fuck off.

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