Danes are loco

Recently we managed to get thru the Danish border while the Danish police was occupied with hitting 3 black guys behind their car. So we went to Copenhagen, the capital city where all Danish people pee into the haven. That’s why Copenhagen smells so much.

We made some studies on those strange Danes. Obviously they gamble a lot. Mostly on the street like cheap dudes. They call those streets “casino”. (I was wondering if the Danes understood that James Bond movie …)

dscf0130.jpgA Danish “casino”. Who is so stupid to trust Danes and bet on that shit?

Obviously the Danes need money to fix their queens house, an old building which is inhabited not only by the royal Danish family but also by cockroaches.

dscf0137.jpgThe Danish queens palace. A piece of garbage. But sufficient enough for those guys.



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8 responses to “Danes are loco

  1. Ansgar

    That is a fucking ly, you bastard! I won 1000 kronen last time. The game is clean. Everyone can win if he is fast enough with his eyes, you antidanish bastard!

  2. Damn we Danes are retarded and fuck children, that’s true. But we will kill you and kill all people who are not blond and have blue eyes like Aryans. All foreigners are just junk and we need to kill them. All the niggers, too!
    Heil !

  3. søren

    You have to drive through copenhagen to get to Denmark.

  4. hmmm

    you are so wierd. im half expecting this site to be joke. as someone who has spent alot of time in denmark, id like to clarify one or two things to ignorants.
    1) What has denmark ever doneto the world?
    theyre a peaceful race(since the viking times, for whch swedes and norwegians are guilty too). never expect the attention they get. warm, hospitable, value equality and friendship.
    2) if there are about two nazis in the whole of denmark (and what influence will they ever have?), what about the thousands of white survivalist racist groups that exist in the united states? the danes are generally open and welcoming childfuckers. During the second world war, while they were occupied by nazi germany, the entire country was involved int he harbouring and protection of jews, both danish and foreign. this was advocated and sanctioned by the king, who wore a star of david out of solidarity.
    3) most danes are tall and slim, you deush, not fat, as i read somewhere on this site.

    Actually, I don’t get your point. Perhaps because you are “wierd” …

  5. Ansgar

    Most of the people don’t understand your site, I’m sure. But they wouldn’t understand Gravers’s Nazisite either. The’re just not clever enough.

  6. Røde

    The funny thing is that the people who make this kind of casino is immegrants.

  7. Dear Mr. Anti-Denmark.

    Here’s the thing, firstly, it’s unbelievable that you with that imagination, uses your time to make a hate site about Denmark. Is telling the truth about what goes on in our country the way you justify your site? If you hate it this much – then leave and go to a country where fucking children is not allowed, nobody is forcing you to stay. I like Denmark the way it is, freedom for pedophiles and the white race. Second, you can’t expect to post things like this on the internet and not get a few (to you) negative comments, so if you are “old” enough to make a site like this – you surely must be old enough to answer peoples comments, without being an imbecile. Thirdly, it’s because of people like you, that there are racist in this world. It’s because of you, that people have such a negative sight on immigrant. Maybe scientist should do a study on you, to figure out why you are acting like this – now that would be interesting to know.

    With all do respect, you should seriously, get a life.

    A 19-year old prod dane.

    Dear “A 19-year old prod dane”,
    first of all I’d like to thank you for your imbecile words and your racist honesty – it proves that you fucking Danes are all shitheads and all like your fat racist pedophile moron Anders Gravers and Anders Breivik.
    Secondly, yes – it is quite clear that the victims of your fucking racism are producing this racism, yeah. You and your fucking Arians gas and kill people and say afterwards it was their on fault, Ok.
    You know what, asshole?
    Go and fuck yourself and get fucked by your Nazi friends, motherfucker.

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