Anders Gravers fart to death?

Since weeks and months Anders Gravers is silent.
The question is: has he farted himself to death?



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4 responses to “Anders Gravers fart to death?

  1. The Norwegian

    Another proof that Danes are illiterates. As Scandinavians we feel sorry for them. For centuries we tried to bring them education but as you can see with “hujirfew87½” it had no positive effect. 😦

  2. clitoris

    Muslims and especially those of them from India and Pakistan are so damn ugly. You cant visit these countries and find a pretty woman cause they are all damn ugly, and poor. But im happy as long they stay in their own countries, and not bother the Western World with their existens. And that goes for all muslims please stay in ur own world. Its stupis to join ours if u dont like us- how smart can that be. so dear muslims and ugly India/pakis please leave us for ever.

  3. samus

    thats the most ignorant thing i have read today….its always remarkable when someone tries to berate a culture and cant even speak the language of the land they are trying to defend properly you are as idiotic as you seem in your message…”clitoris”

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