smelling Anders Gravers

Anders Gravers stinks.

Germans demonstrating behind the Danish border: They just can’t stand the smell of Anders Gravers, the “Führer” of SIAiDs.

Danes should more take care of environment politics.



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2 responses to “smelling Anders Gravers

  1. Knorre

    Pørn-Anders is farting?

  2. boycott danish &holland products

    Dubai AFP: started supermarkets in the Arab Gulf States stop selling products Danish newspapers protesting against the Danish publication of a cartoon re-abused Messenger last month.
    The Times of Oman newspaper Sunday that the series of six shops for a new Storrs stopped selling Danish products in all six branches in the Sultanate.
    The mayor, who is responsible public relations in the new stores the newspaper that the province will continue as long as the publication of cartoons degrading of Islam.
    It is the supermarkets in the United Arab Emirates to boycott those goods where the daily newspaper Gulf Times that the European Cooperative Society, which manages a series of seven stores across the UAE, began to boycott Danish goods.

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