Danes are asking for muslim workers

Though the Danes hate muslims, black africans, jews and other non-blond people there is one thing the hate even more: work.
This guy here asked the Danish government to import a muslim to have him working instead.
Lazy Danish ass.


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One response to “Danes are asking for muslim workers

  1. Hansen

    Isn’t it counter productive and spreading hate to state that? I am danish, don’t hate muslims, jews or africans… why should I hate a group of people that other people put a lable on?

    I mean, seriously how old are you? this site reminds of the http://www.realultimatepower.com joke.

    Your “about” page is not very serious, nor are any of your entries, besides the respectfully qoutes of the holy book, the Quran.

    if you are real and serious, we share one thing though… we don’t have much love for Gravers.


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