What’s wrong with the Gravers family?

You remember Anders Gravers?

He is on his crucial war against jews, moslems and “negroes” – actually against all people who don’t look like himself (which is like a danish doberman).

Here we have another member of the Gravers family: his brother Sven.

dayne.jpg Sven Gravers – something’s wrong with him, too.

Someone, please, help those poor bastards of the Gravers family!



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3 responses to “What’s wrong with the Gravers family?

  1. Susi Wang

    What an ugly brother!

  2. aaron

    i think danish peoples have no any work or any responsibilities -i mean care their daughters- . Almost all of danish girls decided to Turkey for summer holiday. You guess why they are coming.Guys and girls not attend to damn danish parents, also they right.İs there any danish science man we knew?
    Now,we need to congratulate to danish generation for their performance in global porn sector.
    No racisism but Akilli ol danimarka.

  3. Greek in denmark

    Fuck you aaron, and fuck Greece and Turkey

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