Danes just can’t play

You know, Danes are impotent but also incompetent.
While the Europeans play very good football (“soccer” for Americans and Brits) the Danes can only “dane”. Means, they show their ugly faces and become helpless violent.
football.jpgAnders Gravers sister tries to play “soccer” with the Senegalese team.

Bad education and a small penis, I guess.



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6 responses to “Danes just can’t play

  1. Du skal bedre passer om hvad du sige…..
    I´m a big Denmark fan from Germany, it´s the best land over the world, you understand. And Anders Gravers is the best man in Denmark.

  2. What are you threatening me you filthy animal? Are you a clone of that child-abuser Anders Gravers?

  3. Greek in denmark

    Gravers, you small dicked, donkey fucker, 🙂
    You make me smile 🙂
    You are the kind of sick fuck, who likes to badmouth everybody over the net, because you feel safe behind your PC.
    Be a man.

  4. danesupporter

    when danes take two to rape a child of 13 as here in the uk last week who the hell are they to mock dobermen?
    they follow a paedo though what more can anyone expect of this rabbie?
    Be a man, why do you think they rape children?
    Takes a man to satisfy real grown up females!
    long live the danes. God -bless them all with viking blood running through their viens.

  5. daniel pichler

    Robert Søndergaard you are the bigesst cock sucker i read here, how can you imply that you are GErman, you dirty filthy fucking dane, from your sick 5 million asses country?don’t rub your ass on germany, no ass in germany has such a stupid name like yoursRobert Søndergaard ( i am a big fan of denmark) you bloody danish bitch, go get lost and leave germany in peace.
    it´s more like viking blood running out of their eyes soon.

  6. Maj-Britt

    I really don´t know what the Danes have done to you that you seem to hate all of them so much…. I feel sorry for you that you have to spread your anger like this… What has happened? Did a danish hermaphrodite dump you? Did a danish guy beat you in fucking danish asses? What is wrong with you… Start living without hate and your life will become so much better… Make a site with love and joy… I will become a happy member, promise! Regards, Maj-Britt

    Thanks Maj-Britt for your kind words but I can not transfer them to the guy you obviously addressed, your Danish doberman Anders Gravers, since I have no email address of that Nazi.

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