How Denmark got it’s water

You wonder with what Danes wash themselves (If they do it at all …) or where they got their drinking water from?





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5 responses to “How Denmark got it’s water

  1. Denmark is the best land of the world!

  2. You are the best moron in the world.

  3. Gorm den Gamle

    Anders Asshole – learn how to write. Its ok to hate us, but do it with style you ignorant motherfucking nolife.

  4. Greek in denmark

    Robert i correct, and Anders Gravers is a dum idiot, with a small dick and even…….smaller brain !

  5. daniel pichler

    well, here is one with style: in every country through the world; the older the houses the nicer the bathrooms, in kopenhagen : 70 of the old houses don´t even have a bathroom

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