Danish pricks’n sluts

Just this weekend I was travelling to Hamburg/Germany and took the wrong train.

It was a very poor train actually. Something like 3rd Class or something. Later I learned that it was a Danish train. Nonetheless the train was completely overbooked and in the end I had to sit in a cabin with a frowning German and a Danish couple. The Danes looked like teachers or so. Dressed very casual (actually like sluts) as those “role models” always do. In fact they were teachers I found out later.

It took just 5 minutes when the peaceful mis-travelling was over – that Danish slut started to talk. And her prick answered in this mickeymouse-language. She even overtalked that son of a Danish bitch. They really got on my nerves because they were talking like machineguns without a pause. That Danish bitch was so ugly and slutty that even her clothes looked like being taken out of a trash bin. Her fat belly was as ugly as her Danish face.

Danish slut

I really was sorry that the Danes were no muslims. So at least a bandanna would’ve hidden her ugly Danish slut face. But as christians they were allowed to show her ugly face to the rest of the helpless world.

After an hour or so the fucking train stopped in the middle of nowhere so I decided to leave it and try to at least get back from where I started.



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5 responses to “Danish pricks’n sluts

  1. dane

    hehe… very interesting and relevant story. thanks 🙂

  2. Greek in denmark

    Danish Girls and some of the most beautiful girls in the would, and they have something more too………the right to “free will” and to “think for themselvs” which there are very good at.

    Better a Danish girl, than some muslim girl, who can’t think for her selv, and gets beaten like a dog !

  3. daniel pichler

    The only thing a danish girl will think of is how to fuck you, not in a sexual way, but just to kill you, come on, shittiest women in the whole world are the danish girls, no feelings no style, no manners, they even fart in public, come on, don’t be a pain in the ass. your comparing denmark with the islamic world is unfair, in the end of the day your count is 5 millions, nothing more, even we( germany) would eat you if we did not have so many restrictions since the war.

  4. Charlyzze

    I’m sorry to tell you that but you cannot say that danish women are like that. As in a lot of countries people are different. The only thing I can say is that some danish women try to use sex in order to catch men and it is not fair for them. They sleep easyly with all men who invited her once or twice and that is the problem. In order to be oin love with someone it takes more time than one or two dates… I saw that when I was there and the girls was very aggressiv and she used sex… but imagine what happened after… I hope danish men are able to make the difference between women. Bye and I support all the nice danish women who are far from being easy and sluts!!!

  5. Charlyzze

    yes that is true that the danish woman I see has no style no ambition, just trying to catch a man who has money and using sexe for that… She called him to sleep with her at 23h and 00h00… So if a man is not eable to spend time with does she think he is in love with her if is coming at 00h00 to fuck her ;)??? Hope she is more clever now… if not she will spend a lot of nights waiting someone from midnight…

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