Anders Gravers = Danish smallest prick

You know Anders Gravers?
He is the “Führer” of SIAD (Sick Idiot Asshole and De-brained), a Danish group of Dobermen with small penises.

Anders is happily living at his mother’s house because he got never a girlfriend. The Danish women like to be fucked by “negroes” (That’s the word Anders usually uses for people not born in Denmark and being blond.) instead of a small prick like Anders who is “anders” like ze Germans say.

Denmarks smallest penis

When his small pricked father tried to become a Stormtrooper in zie German army in the second world war they denied him this chance because he did not fullfill the minimum pre-condition of a penis of 8 cm.



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2 responses to “Anders Gravers = Danish smallest prick

  1. DonBroder

    Oh, so this is Anders? Or Gravers?
    I heard most men name their dicks. 😀

  2. Nice

    Funny guy, this Gravers.
    Seems to be quite sick. But all Nazis are …

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