Danish pricks threaten

Today a little Danish prick threatened me that his storm troopers would kill me.

Of corse, he has a small penis and can’t do it on his own and needs at least 15 other Danish pricks with small dicks. It is the old Nazi tactics – never fight someone alone, but always have 15 other pricks with you otherwise you risk too much. That’s how Danish raid Africans and other foreign people.

Well, I’d like to send them some Chinese medication but actually I honestly doubt that they could make their penises longer. Usually Danish stick to native means like sticking their penises into each other Danish male asses. But until now they haven’t realized that this doesn’t work. 😀



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2 responses to “Danish pricks threaten

  1. Greek in denmark

    It would only take ONE Greek to kill you 🙂
    Ps. I know a lot of big blonde dane dobermans the could rip you apart with one hand behind ther backs.
    But we or they woulden’t do that, because Danes are peaceloving and kind people who fuck small children.

  2. daniel pichler

    peace loving my ass, asshole, did you try driving on aboulevarden at 3 pm. you bloody unrealistic greek, can you remember who kicked your asses last? one greek to kill you, ooooohhhh , get him tiger

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