Raids in Copenhagen!

This morning the danish police raided houses of muslims and other immigrants in Copenhagen.


This is a famous Danish tradition since 1492 when Christoph Columbus discovered America. The Danes were so furious about the fact that Columbus (a Portugese with Spanish immigration background)  now was seen as the first man who put a foot on American ground and they lost their claim about vikings being there 500 years before that they started this tradition to burn houses of immigrants and moslems each year on the 2nd of March.



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3 responses to “Raids in Copenhagen!

  1. Tyr

    If you are so goddam courageous yourself – then show us who you are!

    Show us where you live – and you will for certain meet the wrath of the Viking.

    We will hunt you down and give you a bloodeagle – you piece of stupid filth.

    Never Fuck with Denmark, never, never, never fuck with Denmark.

    The day you show who you are, we will be there, for certain – on all the great Vikings, on each grain of sand, on each wave we will be there – I swear on the legacy of those that threw out guys like you from Al-Andalus – from Sicily. Do not provoke us more than you have already done, do not provoke a people where every second word is a symbol of fighting – you will for sure regret it.

  2. Greek in denmark

    You just keep writing shit after shit in here !!!
    I think that one of the people who run this site, once got “burnt” by a beautiful Danish Girl, because she just couldn’t find his dick with a magnifying glas, and so now they hate all Danes, and Denmark…… We Greeks fuck the doberman of the Danes because we are used to fuck our donkeys in Greece. And the Danes like to fuck our mothers in their asses because they have the best asses in the world!

  3. daniel pichler

    you are a greek without honour, which means you are not greek, this is just a cover, you are dane, and mister every wave , every sand corn and so und so weiter und so weiter, man hat euch im zweiten weltkrieg wirklich vermisst, where were you when we invaded you, well not waiting to fight us, or am i wrong? please do correct me if i am wrong.

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