Denmark – Danmark

Do you know Denmark?

Denmark is a place somewhere in Europe full of small men with small dicks.

The usual Dane has not much in common with Doberman dogs – those dogs have bigger penises. So the Danish men grew beards because they hope the Danish women won’t see that they just have small pricks. And after they brought a stupid blond home they play with their computers to simulate they’d have bigger dicks.

Danish people eat fishsticks all day. These fishsticks are made in big Japanese ships. The Japanese use unemptied whale-guts to produce these fishsticks that are only sold to Denmark because only Danish eat that shit. The fishsticks are eaten uncooked by the Danes because they like the smell.

This international blog was brought to life to collect some more information about Denmark and the Danes. Please, feel free to put some more information about this subject so that the world can see what Denmark is all about.

The Anti-Denmark Alliance



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2 responses to “Denmark – Danmark

  1. Caroline

    You are so right, Danes are judgmental and psychopathic individuals, whose pervert doings are as bad as I have ever read..

    There is so much wrong with Danes – they’re like any other pervert Europeans.

  2. LikeDK

    wtf.. It’s okay to hate Denmark but seriosly GET A LIFE – start fucking kids, too! You’ll see how nice that is. Hope you are smart enourgh to see, that you waste a lot of time. Go on, criticize us!

    It’s your time, your life.
    But okay, I see. If this is the only thing that you are interested in, then you obviously don’t have a life. Fucking kids is great, every Dane is proud of that.
    See ya. Happy x-mas!

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