Fatty Anders Gravers starts political career in Denmark

Mr. Anders Gravers (also called by his nickname “Fatty”) started a political career in Denmark though he is suspected being a known pedophile and consumer of childporn in “the scene” of Copenhagen.

got really fat: Anders Gravers

After having founded his political hate-platform “SIAD” he now has declared his Holy War against Muslims and all people who are not blond in Europe. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

Well, we’ll see how many aliens he will have let killed when he finally becomes Danish Prime Minister.



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German police seeking Anders Gravers for child porn and child rape

Today German special task force police “BKA” announced they were looking for a child raper and child porn producer who raped muslim boys and made videos of it during his ugly actions.

The ugly guy looks identical to the Dane Anders Gravers, the famous Muslim-hunter of Denmark who was often accused of distributing child porn and hatecrimes against Muslims, Jews and Africans.

Anders Gravers child abuser(Video shows Anders Gravers forced 8 year old muslim boys to have sex with him.) Screenshot Copyright © 2009 by The Antidenmark Alliance

If you know where he is hiding like Saddam Hussein call the next police station.


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Anders Gravers seen on Facebook!

Readers of The Anti-Denmark Alliance have reported Danish pedophile Anders Gravers seen on Facebook. He obviously is building up a new international childporn ring on Facebook’s network.

FB Anders

Anders Gravers and the pedophile mob from Denmark on Facebook. Screenshot © 2009 by The Anti-Denmark Alliance

Now that Facebook hooks up with nearly everyone – the Russians, Microsoft etc. – we are not really surprised that they host even an internationally well known pedohile like Anders.

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Cell phone no. of Anders Gravers?

A reader claims to have found out Anders Gravers’ cell phone number:

+45 96771784

This is not verified yet by Interpol that is still hunting him for child abuse and child porn matters.


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Anders Gravers now on Guantanamo?

New sources claim that Danish Nazi Anders Gravers was seen on Guantanamo Bay on Cuba to buy muslim boys for his pleasure. Obviously he convinced the Americans that those kids are better placed in his own cellar in Denmark and that child abuse is not forbidden in his Aryan country.

If anyone can confirm this new trace he/she is welcome to tell us.

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Where is Anders Gravers?

Is it really true that the proud Dane Anders Gravers is in jail because of childporn consumption?

Anders Gravers, when he was still on the run.

Several readers claim they saw him caught by Interpol. The Danish police was not willing to catch him because childporn was not a serious crime in Denmark.


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Is “cunt” a Danish word?

When I saw this video about John McCain I asked myself if he was a Dane. Who else says such loving words to their wives?


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